Heavy drag over 12kg and something grabs my jig, goes screaming off on a big run taking 10's of meters of line, pauses, keeps going, line slacks off. Oh, damn, he's pinged me off on structure. Managed to feel a little bit of weight on the line only to find out the jigs still there, so he just spat it out. Must of been pretty big to smash the jig and pop both the eyes off, not to mention the non-stop run Surprised

You can see the assist cord is frayed on the outer core (it was pristine before the drop). Thats why you keep the internal cord inside when sambo jigging :p

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Terminal Damage!!!!

Wed, 2009-08-12 12:29

Love it!!! Hit it so hard the eyes popped out!! Poor Jig. :(


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Unfortunately Smith jigs

Wed, 2009-08-12 13:09

Unfortunately Smith jigs tend to have this weak spot at the eye

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Wed, 2009-08-12 13:44

See it ALL the time.

Get a Sea Rock, their indestructable.

What assist hook you running , owners ?? or the crap they come with.



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I practically never run

Wed, 2009-08-12 14:19

I practically never run assists that come with the jigs (unless I dont care about loosing a few fish during a really hot bite). Otherwise, I only run my own assists and terminal.

Used the sea rock to get the fish in the other photo, but after heaps of jigging after that and having none hit it on various retreives styles, I went with something that flutters more to try and entice them with a different action (pinged off first hookup using a similar SW labs one).

In that pic its a 1/0 (or 1, i forget) owner crane, to 9 split to 6.5 solid, ygk #25 braid, to SJ41-7/0. Attached using the way Kasey showed, then use low temperature heatshrink on the hook and the top knot held with a dab of superglue. I could probably upgrade the assist cord to something heavier for sambo jigging though (though its easily strong enough without the core, so the main benefits to a size up would be more leeway with abrasion?). Could have gone with a bigger hook, but didnt know the size of the fish, so went middleground. No problems with the setup so far (though owner hollow braid slips in the water if you dont glue it :S). It need a bit of tweaking to run during sambo season though. Any tips or suggestions? 

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thats quite a crunch Matt

Wed, 2009-08-12 13:50

thats quite a crunch Matt