coral blume?

coral blume?

 went out this morning caught 3 kgs & 1 sized Dhui saw in the distance brakish water so investigated , got to say never seen coral blume like this ever in the 40s

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 geez thats hectic. Nothing

Thu, 2018-02-22 15:52

 geez thats hectic. Nothing hiding underneath it ?

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 yep def coral spawn. seen it

Thu, 2018-02-22 16:05

 yep def coral spawn. seen it many times. can look a bit like an oil slick at times


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Thu, 2018-02-22 16:09

 Looks like a good day at Kuta beach !!


The next time i see that jig will be in the mouth of something big !!


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Trichodesmium Algae.

Thu, 2018-02-22 16:36

Trichodesmium Algae.


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Thu, 2018-02-22 20:45



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 Yep.  Algae not coral

Thu, 2018-02-22 22:23

 Yep.  Algae not coral spawn.  Have seen it thick, but with the white jizz, that's next level.

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Yes doesn't look like coral spawn.

Thu, 2018-02-22 19:21

 Time wrong also. Dodgy is likely on to it. I don't know the name, but it always turns up when sea surface conditions are right, warm water and not much wind. I haven't seen any up here this year, likely because it has been too windy. Quite normal to get it from December  onwards when weather is good. 

Coral spawn tends to to be very multicolored and turns up full moon in March or sometimes in April, depending on moon timing.I've got good video of it offshore and north from Kalbarri, looks quite different.

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At first glance I thought it

Fri, 2018-02-23 07:47

At first glance I thought it was a photo of the Pilbara