Darren's 350 SS after theft

Darren's 350 SS after theft



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No Much left Adam!

Sun, 2006-06-11 15:49

You realise of course that a "car bandit" security system would have caught those guys in the act and saved his car!!!

I offer a 20% discount to Fishwrecked members if they want one - bringing the normal recommended retail down from $1800 to only $1440!

What measures has he taken to protect his repleacement car from a similar fate?

htttp://www.rojone.com.au - hit the Boat Bike Car Bandit link to Ezitrak website!

Anyone wants one just contact me via PM or email etc.

I can always demonstrrate the one in my boat to anyone who wants to play with one hands on first!


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F$%#&*@ C%&*$#

Sun, 2006-06-11 18:59

Hate seeing stuff like this.....but those plantations look familiar? PERTH by any chance? ATB MAXY

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in court

Mon, 2006-06-12 11:47

i saw on tv news one of the guys who did this was in court on Friday...a group of people stealing high end cars and cutting them up for parts for wrecks..a set up in Stoneville somewhere.
I can't understand why a car (especially a commodore!) worth $50,000 plus doesnt have a gps or some sort of tracking device built in...but then again that's like locking the gate after the horse has bolted i s'pose.

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Most are sold

Mon, 2006-06-12 12:37

Most of the GPS trcking units are sold to people who've already had one car / boat / harley etc stolen and get a replacement on insurance!

The thing is - they work out what it costs them (they usually don't get new for old) so have to cop the cost of depreciation plus the excess of the policy and end up $5K - $10K out of pocket on replcement of a near new car!

Then they figure out that the cost of a GPS tracker / remote disable unit isn't that dear after all at $1440!

Some of the insurance co's (RAC for eg) give a rebate on insurance policy for vehicles with the car bandit system installed - such that in effect - it's the insurance co. paying for the device over a period of 4 or 5 years by virtue of what you save on your insurance premiums!

But human nature being what it is - I bet ya anything you like - even the guy who lost this commodore above - won't buy a security alarm tracking remote disble alarm, - even when I discount it $360 off the normal $1800 recommended Retail Price!!!

Thats just the way people are - and then they wonder why the cops don't give a round rats touche when peoples precious goods are stolen!! I can tell you from First hand experience, the Police aren't idiots - they KNOW that if you really cared about the goods - they would have been protected in some way!

So the police don't bother much with crimes against property - they are flat out, full time, looking after crimes against the person (assualts restraining orders etc etc).

So, our own apathy is the reason you see photo's like the one above - nothing else is to blame IMHO - because there IS a solution!

We all live in this fantasy world that it wil never happen to me! (Until it does!).