few squids

few squids

hey guys,caught these few squid of south mole this morning.only an hours effort.not too bad aye?on a yozuri aurie q neo jig i just bought from ryans shop this morning.2 dollar jig werent producing for the guys next to me but the yozuri sure did.i also lost a massive squid at least 1.2kg ,but dropped it as it ws only tenticle hooked and i cudnt lift it up.it took 1 meter of drag too = P

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Save em up with the $150 and

Fri, 2009-07-17 18:00

Save em up with the $150 and tuen em into dhuies ;-)

Somehow i think S&P squid is a better option. Well done m8

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Keep the heads for mulloway

Fri, 2009-07-17 18:21

Keep the heads for mulloway bait :) Good catch nicky boy, will be down there sunday to verify your catch =P