Fish is please

Fish is please

( rocko)

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Sat, 2024-04-13 16:08

Without any certainty I'd call it for a Moses Perch. Colouration can vary significantly depending on age.



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 Cracking Moses perch well

Sat, 2024-04-13 16:45

 Cracking Moses perch well done

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Good ..

Sat, 2024-04-13 18:08

Good fish Johnny .
cheers pirate 

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Certainly looks like a Moses

Sat, 2024-04-13 18:47

Certainly looks like a Moses other than its colour.  If it is I think it got lost somehow as they are tropical species as far as I'm aware


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 Smallmouth Nannygai Im

Sat, 2024-04-13 20:11

 Smallmouth Nannygai Im thinking.

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Id say almost maximum size specimen of Moses Perch

Sun, 2024-04-14 02:45

 cant say ive seem too many caught round here.

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It was 545 mm

Sun, 2024-04-14 05:13

Long. Caught in 80 metres.never seen one in 40 plus years . Mind you baldies were few and far between years ago. Now they’re very common.