My new PB Dhufish

My new PB Dhufish

 I had the opportunity to head out again so I did. Some people ask me how  I get so lucky so often. Well it's mostly perseverance and being stubborn rather than lucky.

It was quite a long day starting around 9.00am. Headed to the servo for fuel, then to Subway for food then launch at around 9.30am approx. Headed out around 45-50kms with a decent Easterly tailwind. Swell and waves were relatively low. Fishing by 11.30am. I found a few fish showing on the sounder but mostly refusing to bite. I moved multiple times but it was very quiet. One undersize Snapper released, a couple of tiny Flathead and Whiting on the flick rod. Eventually a couple of Stingrays, Port Jackson's, a Tiger Shark hook up and release. Then after dark (Long hours aye) wind came up very strong but I still persevered. I was anchored at this stage in over 50m depth by hand.  I Landed an nice Whiskery Shark after a while and was stoked to finally get something proper. Whiskery Shark look and taste a lot like a Gummy but slightly different colouring and have teeth.
Approx 8.40pm or slightly later I finally got the run and eventually the fish I've been waiting for. It took multiple runs and fought hard. At 1st I thought Samson fish or Shark maybe but then I dared to dream. Hell yeah when it popped to the surface I was ecstatic to say the least. Yehar bloody Yehar etc. 110cm my Pb Dhufish for length but not weight. A whisker under 20kgs after it was bled on the boat and weighing back at home. I fished a bit longer but the wind had strengthened substantially so headed back in, in a very strong easterly with rolling waves standing up quite high. My boat is only 4.8m in length. I could only manage to do 8kms hr to 15kms hr the majority of the way in.  It was Pitch black and even the moon had gone down. So a normally 2hr trip took approx 4hrs. Worth every second but hell I earned this beast of a fish.

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Thu, 2024-04-18 16:44

 One very dedicated fisherman. 

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wow, amazing effort! i would

Thu, 2024-04-18 17:06

wow, amazing effort! i would be too chicken to be that far out after dark. You definitely earned that one! that is one hell of a fish!

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Holy ..

Thu, 2024-04-18 19:13

Holy shit balls ... bloody big 

banger .. well done mate . 
stirlling effort .. cheers pirate 

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Great commitment

Thu, 2024-04-18 19:21

and duly rewarded, well done



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Nice fish

Thu, 2024-04-18 19:31

 marathon effect, welldone


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Good fish

Thu, 2024-04-18 19:45

Thinking the same huge marathon . I would have had a few sleeps staying out that long

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 Big orse!

Fri, 2024-04-19 08:27

 Big orse!


Love the West!

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Jeez you certainly earnt that

Fri, 2024-04-19 09:05

Jeez you certainly earnt that one!

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 wow, hats off mate!

Fri, 2024-04-19 16:21

 wow, hats off mate! hopefully your next one is a bit easier 

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 Cheers for the replies

Sun, 2024-04-21 07:56

 Cheers for the replies fellas. I'll put in that effort again no problems if the next one would be the same size haha. Seagoat night fishing is my favourite and I do it regularly. Sometimes it gets quite interesting. I was out there one night all night and had a big pod of Whales stay with me all night. They surrounded the boat and just stayed. Half way through the night a big Shark turned up so I shifted as I knew I wouldn't be able to catch or land any proper fish. I moved about two kilometres away and the Whales came with me and stayed till morning. I tapped the floor with my feet occasionally and one of the Whales would flap one of his flippers or tail like it was communicating with me.

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Well done. Certainly a nice

Sun, 2024-04-21 08:29

Well done. Certainly a nice size dhuie. Rewards for effort


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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 Well played sir

Tue, 2024-04-23 15:06

 Well played sir

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 Crazy crazy man. Great fish

Wed, 2024-04-24 15:26

 Crazy crazy man. Great fish

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 Well done, reward for effort

Thu, 2024-04-25 16:57

 Well done, reward for effort


Bend over

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Very nice, thats one big

Thu, 2024-04-25 18:46

Very nice, thats one big Dhue!

Crazy trip home.