Pb baldie today

Pb baldie today

 Crap ride out left at 10 . Caught  fair few dhues . Not big ones . Kgs and big black ass. Baldie went just under 5 kg. ride in was mint

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Good one

Fri, 2016-06-10 20:01


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 Nice indeed 

Fri, 2016-06-10 20:45

 Nice indeed 



My fishing spots are so secret........... even the fish don't know where they are !!

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Fri, 2016-06-10 20:48


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Nice Baldie there LJ with a

Fri, 2016-06-10 21:26

Nice Baldie there LJ with a good mixed bag to boot.

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Nice one

Fri, 2016-06-10 21:45

 Gotta love a baldie

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You have got to be

Fri, 2016-06-10 23:18

You have to happy with that, good catch and photo thanks for sharing.

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Nice solo run John and I know

Sat, 2016-06-11 10:40

Nice solo run John and I know how much you love filleting the baldies lol, hanging to wet a line..... 1 more week. try for some muddies Sunday and Monday but the wind is up, blowing 20-25kn


More drum lines, kill the bloody sharks!

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Cracker same pb as me ☺

Sat, 2016-06-11 12:51

Cracker same pb as me ☺