potm potential?

potm potential?

a mate and i headed out off old duns last weekend to target pinkies. managed a couple around the 60cm mark, a stoinker black arse, and a heap of skippy. we were on some ground where we had landed good snapper before and we both hooked up on our unweighted baits, as the fish neared the boat his got eaten by something that was in a big hurry, and 150 yards of 8lb on his stradic 3000 was gone before i could get the anchor in and motor going. 45 minutes into the fight and about a km from the beginning of the battle, the beast was surfaced and brought aboard for happy snaps and then released with a surprising amount of kick. 8lb braid, 20lb fc leader, on a 4kg jewel rod, in 13metres of water, i dont think it will ever happen again. fish estimated at well over 25kg. very stoked.


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Nice catch on light gear

Mon, 2014-08-25 02:11

Nice catch on light gear mate.


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 Awesome. Well done

Mon, 2014-08-25 19:18

 Awesome. Well done