Reverse Side of Sheoke Flybox

Reverse Side of Sheoke Flybox

The reverse side of Sheoke Flybox!

Beautiful stable and great for use in any area exposed to water! (Boat building for example!)

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You are a man of many talents!

Fri, 2006-03-24 09:25

Beautiful workmanship, how many of them have you got left? Not that I am a fly fisherman, but they should be snapped up by any self respecting fly fisho.


Andy Mac



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sheoak timber- Casuarina

Fri, 2006-03-24 12:24

My favorite timber!!!!

Use to be used a lot for furniture, but the most common use now-a-days is in musical instruments, particularly drum kits.

A mate spent a fortune (10K+) on a casuarina kit back 10 years ago...

Very nice Flywest

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Hi Guys

Fri, 2006-03-24 15:55

Yes, a beautiful timber, to work with. I used to love it a lot...

Nowdays the govt closed me down with the end of old growth logging - I am still waiting for promised $ compensation all these years later!

No fly boxes left, I sold off the timber business with everything, walk in / walk out!

I used to supply Fine Entry Marine (Tim Brown) In Geraldton with all his sheoke for finnishing off the trim in his Gavin Mair designed Kimberley Liveaboard Mothership Charter Fishing Vessels, (Kimberley escape)? Anyway - you get the idea floating Gin palaces trimmed with WA Sheoke!

I used to sawmill it - and kiln dry it then manufacture it as well..

That was in a past life - in partnership with my now departed father... These days I work at sea with my lad, which I'm enjoying a lot!

You know I never even kept one sheoke fly box or landing net for myself! ;o(

I did hang onto a few sheoke furniture pieces tho like my office desk!

I don't miss the wood working...not yet anyway!