Ricks Dolly 17/11/13

Ricks Dolly 17/11/13

Ricks dolly from today while chasing billfish in around 1000m.
Nice little bonus for the table.

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Well done mate

Sun, 2013-11-17 17:24

 Awesome colours!! Water doesnt look too bad either.

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Sun, 2013-11-17 17:33

That was the best it got all day.
Was hard work out there today. Found lots of bait so its looking good

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Nice work

Sun, 2013-11-17 18:53

Promising start with Mahi, Fins and Spanyards already being picked up.

Ran into your Mrs at work Tim. Sounds like your up for a big trolling season. Good luck.


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Better than nothing

Sun, 2013-11-17 18:53

 Still a good catch boys, pity no billfish showed up for you guys today, it is looking like it's going to be a productive season, I'm hoping so anyway 

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Nice one Tim. Good Start

Mon, 2013-11-18 07:50

Nice one Tim. Good Start

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 well done guys.let's hope

Mon, 2013-11-18 18:03

 well done guys.let's hope  its a really good season out there

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Promising start

Mon, 2013-11-18 18:17

 Good mix of fish over the opening weekend for PGFC.If this weekend was anything to go by, it will be a great season for marlin



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 Good photo

Fri, 2013-12-13 01:09

 Good photo