Thank God it's over

Thank God it's over

 Been a while . Up early at the ramp at 6 the crowd was already building,  straight out to the 30's 2 drifts all done. Quick troll and out before the rush. Good day

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Huge boating crowd

Fri, 2024-03-29 16:07

 At hillarys this morning


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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 Nice feed . Fresh fish for

Sat, 2024-03-30 07:29

 Nice feed . Fresh fish for dinner


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These fish were full of

Sat, 2024-03-30 13:23

These fish were full of sardines,  I found schools if them on the ground where I've been targeting K.G'S the snapper spewed up a couple on the deck, they went back down as bait. No mackerel thou. I've seen some bait schools in the sound too, won't be long and the salmon will be into them. Happy Easter stay safe catch lots of

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Mon, 2024-04-08 20:20

 I found if you are on the spot just as the sun comes up and drop some big baits (no sinker just float it down) onto a reef you can get onto some GOOD size pinkies & be back at the ramp before 9 with a couple of stonkers.

The big fish have finished feeding after the first 1 or 2 hours of daylight. 

If you see a cray boat working a line of pots follow them and be about 2 or 3 pots behind them .



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