12 volt am/fm radio plus Ipod compatible

Gday there FW crew...

I want to buy myself a 12volt am/fm radio that an Ipod can plug into for when camping so I dont have to have the Ute door open...

I can fit a lighter socket or what ever to it and run it off my Deep cycle I use in my camp but not sure what to buy - I`m sure there would be something pretty good out there now, hopefully you lot have come across something in your time and can put me onto it...It only has to be a reciever as I`m going to buy some good quality outdoor speakers to run of it....


When you go camping you gotta have the mod cons!!!



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what about an ipod dock ? -

Wed, 2012-08-15 11:40

what about an ipod dock ? - I got a Logitech one from JB Hi Fi - about $100 - bloody awesome sound, comes with remote, and lasts for about 6 hours on battery. (charge it using my inverter when camping). I think you can even get one now that streams bluetooth, so even more versatile. charges your ipod too when plugged into charge


ignore the price - they have them on sale now for $99

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What sort of inverter do you

Wed, 2012-08-15 12:31

What sort of inverter do you have mate?


It either needs to be 12 volt or i get an inverter...Prolly get an inverter as i wanna charge phones and laptop as well as Kryvac when needed...


Cheers for getting back




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just got a cheapie 300w

Wed, 2012-08-15 14:44

just got a cheapie 300w I think it is - plenty for charging phones/laptops etc. Got from Dick Smith.


have a look at the docks though - well worth it - for home and travel !