2014 Saltiga Expedition 5500H spool on 2010 Saltiga 5000

Hi all.


I'm looking at getting a spare spool for my 2010 Saltiga 5000, but it seems like for like replacements are not longer available.  Regardless though, I have a stronger preference for the 2014 Expedition spool to gain extra line capacity.


I've been told the 2015 spools fit the 2010 reels, but i've received mixed comments on the Expedition spool fitting either 2010 or 2015 series of reels.  Sources online suggest it's doable, but recently i've been told that the shaft on the Expedition reels is larger.  I know the the regular Saltigas have a small extension on the shaft which prevents the swapping of drag knobs between reels, but i was under the impression the shafts were essentially the same.


Has anyone here installed an Expedition spool on a regular Saltiga?  Or does anyone have both reels who can confirm if it's doable?


Thanks in advance.

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 You could also use a

Tue, 2020-01-21 12:59

 You could also use a CATALINA spool on the 2015 saltiga they fit and are pretty much the same specs but abit cheaper. We can get you it in and help you out if you like.



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This is a good question...and

Wed, 2020-01-22 22:17

This is a good question...and notably Daiwa messed up bad with the 2014/2015 saltiga releases.

I have a 2014 8000 expo. The spool on the Expo is only compatible with the 2012 Catalina/Isla. The 2015 Saltiga 6500 and Dogfight 8000 are not compatible. The spools are slightly shorter in depth (on the latter two), might also be slightly smaller in diameter, the drag cap can be put on and wound down but drag stack is not performing as it should and line lay is terrible.

I also run a 5500 expo and have a Studio Ocean Mark spool for it. THe SOM spool performs as it should...and is also compatible with 2015 5000 saltiga's. Again 2012 Catalina 5000 spool interchangeable with the little expo, but I havent every tried a salty 5000 spool.