3D mosaics vs sidescan location of fish and rendering of underwater terain

 In response to many posts relating to the location of fish and sea floor detail it is important to understand the benefits and limitations of the different modes of search that current technology allows us regardless of manufacturer. Acoustic physics is the limiting factor in this situation . The reality is the best sea floor vision is in sidescan mode. The higher the frequency the sharper the image and as a result the most detail. The Hummingbird mega scan at 1200hz is the best at this but it has depth limitatations of 30 m max. For location of fish the lower the frquency the better. The 3d mode in any unit is a compromise, generally the 3d mode is better at fish location. For example Furuno dff3d unit is the best in the business for locating fish i have this unit installed on my boat and it is a game changer. It runs at the lowest frequency to do this, nothing else comes close but as a result its sea floor rendering is not the best at this setting. However it has the greatest depth application. Users must be aware of the best mode and frequency for thier desired search. 

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Great post

Wed, 2018-03-14 20:59

 Great post mate, I have recently been using the side scan while travelling and also after finding fish shows to better understand where the features are in relation to the boat position.