pot cradles

Hi guys.

this has been my first season pulling pots, so have just been lugging them up and hauling them on board, but given the metal bottoms sometimes when its a bit rough i have put a few scratches on the boat. was thinking of investing in one of these cradles....

firstly, is there a particular type anyone recocmends or are they all the same? any features i should loko for specificaly?

how are they installed? is it a diy job, or do you have to drill holes/weld stuff etc? ( i am not handy at all...except with a scalpel...)

and do they make things much easier?? was hoping so as a few more years of doing it this way and my back will be stuffed!.....or i will put a hole in the boat...



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 Think you are talking about

Wed, 2018-03-14 14:07

 Think you are talking about cray tippers, you need to look at your gunels as to where and how you can fit them, or have the supplier do the install


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Before i got a tipper and

Wed, 2018-03-14 14:12

Before i got a tipper and winch for my boat i  fixed 12mm thick timber ply strips to the bottom of the angle base with counter sunk tek screws , this stopped any scratches in the fiberglass when it was pulled up.


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that sounds good.... just to

Wed, 2018-03-14 14:36

that sounds good.... just to be clear, u fixed the wood to the base of the pot? or onto the boat? sorry...i am abit dense when it comes to visualising lol!


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 Yeh mate wood to the steel

Wed, 2018-03-14 16:42

 Yeh mate wood to the steel base of the pot .

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Rubber matting

Wed, 2018-03-14 15:13

 Hey Sea goat, If your main concern is scratching your boat and not so much wearing out your back, you could always secure some rubber matting or equivalent over the side you pull the pots on to at least stop that.  Secure one side to the gunwhale and you can flip it back over onto the floor of the boat when not in use.  This won't save your back unfortunately, you'll need a winch for that!

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pot tipper will set you back

Wed, 2018-03-14 15:50

pot tipper will set you back about $450 ,

they are excellent and easy to use with a winch making it easier again , not difficult to install , just make sure there well supported structurally on the gunwhale as the load pressure can be quite high at times

or as above , bolt [not tech screw ,] 2 timber 2x1 skids to the steel base lengthwise using 8mm cup head galv bolts ,,,these will save the side of boat from scratches , you also can put apiece of black polly pipe about 100mm slipt lengthwise along the top of the gunwhale to help save damage and makes it easier for pots to slide inboard when pulled ,



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