6500b baitrunner

Hey fellas , just a quicky.
Would a shimano 6500b baitrunner be any good for LBG, Opionions would be appreciated,

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if you consider tailor a

Thu, 2012-06-14 14:55

if you consider tailor a landbased gamefish then yes .....probly wouldnt hold enough line for big sharks n junk

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I use my shimano baitrunner

Thu, 2012-06-14 16:11

I use my shimano baitrunner 6500 b for pretty much most of my fishing. Used it on the boat and land based, one of the best reels money can buy, not too expensive, very reliable and will last you a lift time.

The good thing with these reels is the bait runner seperate drag setting, if your into chasing mulloway and you know that they hate tension the setting is perfect for it, got me my first mulla. I have landed sambo's, smaller range of sharks, mulla, snapper, emporers, stingrays, tailor virtually most fish species. Had mine for two years now and given it a big work out and still going strong. Lasts well in weather aslong as you keep the salt off it should be all sweet. Another good thing about the reel is the line capacity, holds alot for its size.

But if your chasing sharks land based (Like jayden said) i would go with a decent overhead that can hold atleast 700 m of line i.e Toriums, Tyrnos etc.





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