Finally Made it over to the Abrolhos for a quick over night mission after wanting to get there for years, Was way to short a time but we only had that window so all good......

Run over in magic conditions on the friday afternoon taking an hour and a half at 22-25 knts , we had planned to stay in a little bay on the eastern side and it was absolutly magic when we arrived just on dark. We chucked a few small stickbaits about for a few trout then noticed the squid chasing our lures needless to say we were feasting on squid in no time and there were some cracker sized squid in there.

Spent most of the night squidding and fishing in the bay then getting some kip in the swags awating the morning sun, we awoke to the wind howling from the east (which was forcast so no suprise) but coupled with the 3m swell it was rough as guts coming out of the morring spot and heading round into the safety of the islands to get away from the wind but once inside it was magic again and we spent the days running around looking at spots we had marked from google earth and charts. all in all we had a great days fishing bagging out pretty quickly........ Baldies, trout and cod the order of the day. 

being our first time over the islands we spend a good bit of time exploring and marking spots for next time we head over for a little longer hopefully.

Had a bit of a dive in the shallows around midday and bumped into the biggest Tiger shark both of us had ever seen that put an end to our dive quick smart although the shark was not interested in us it was way to close for comfort. After flying out the water we were boarded by the fisheries Rib which was launched from thier mother ship, couple of good fellas checked our catch and were happy to have a good chat before leaving us to it! 

mid afteroon and it was time to clean up the boat and start heading back to gerro, then wind had dropped out as forcast and we had a pretty good run back at 16-18 knts so not too bad at all really arriving back at the ramp just on dark. 

Ill definatly be back to the islands and think i may have started a new obsession haha, i fish up exmouth alot and this joint is just as good and way closer to home..... couple of photos attached but we were not really taking fish photos as time was of the essence on a quick trip.  

We get pretty good economy from the Suzuki 140 on the 615 BC, this trip we took 180ltrs with us and had 75ltrs left once back at the ramp. 2 guys swags, water and way too much fishing gear loaded up in the boat..

Cant wait for the next weather window, definatly keen to check out the ground on the western side when theres no swell as this time we didnt get out there but the inside provided plenty of fish although the trout were not huge they were heaps of fun on light gear.






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Mon, 2018-06-25 16:26

Never been but keen to get there one day.


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very nice 

Mon, 2018-06-25 16:28

very nice 


lucky i love to fish because i cant catch any.



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Mon, 2018-06-25 16:47

 hi mate , id be keen to go over with you next time in my Crusher!

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 Always keen to meet fellow

Mon, 2018-06-25 19:59

 Always keen to meet fellow fishos mate, drop me a pm and we canorganise a meet up 

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 looks like a good trip over.

Mon, 2018-06-25 19:11

 looks like a good trip over. havnt been there for about 32 years since i worked on a wetliner. its one on the bucketlist . nice squid for sure and cant get them fresher


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Bucket list for me

Mon, 2018-06-25 19:56

 Like you say it's not that far away at all.