ACDC 6th March Tickets Swap for 8th March Show

My brother has just realized he is double booked for AC/DC 6th March Show(Phoenix is playing same night).

Him and 2 mates want to trade their 6th March tickets for the Monday show on 8th March.

1 x Arena 1 (left of stage?)
2 x Arena 2 (right of stage?)

Both are $149.90 tickets (side of stage).

This is a great opportunity for anyone who got stuck with the second show tickets to get in on the Saturday night first show. PM if you are interested.

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RE: ac/dc tickets

Thu, 2010-02-04 11:09



I was wondering if you would swap your arena 2 ticket for my arena 1 ticket? (same date as yours 6th march) that way you have both tickets in the same arena on the same night they might swap easier for you and it would be great for me to be in the same area as my friends.


I understand if you dont want to, But thanks