Advice on S-Bend

We're planning a trip to S-bend this coming weekend - mercy dash. Bremer weather to bad:(  We'll be after tailor, mulloway & sharks. Can we camp on the beach? Seems like a lot of reef. Any advice/suggestions. Cheers..



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There is 7 mile beach just

Mon, 2012-04-16 18:40

There is 7 mile beach just south of s-bend. Not sure its private property or not but. but it would make a good place to camp if the wind isnt too bad.

Also lucys to the north of the caravan park s good. Have seen people camp there before

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 pull in at flat rocks for

Mon, 2012-04-16 20:57

 pull in at flat rocks for the first night and s bend is just up the road if that doesnt produce. miles of beach south of flat rocks. 

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from flat rocks carpark go

Mon, 2012-04-16 22:42

from flat rocks carpark go north along the track a spot called the slips its the first bit of beach you really come to its about the only bit that isnt very snaggy good for mullowy tailor and stingrays, fair bit of reef out of casting distance

if the swell is down and your keen there is some flat reef you can walk onto and cast from just before you get to the beachy part tailor mulloway and dhus from there


further on is duncans very snaggy always a chance of a dhu from the beach there is one spot here where there is a gap between the reefs and you dont get snagged when you get down the verry steep hill to the beach its bout 50 metres to the south where the beach starts to bend around

dont try to drive down to the beach in any of these spots unless you have a powerful car and know what your doing


south from the flat rocks carpark is a spot called secret mens buisiness its a deep channel that comes close into shore drive down the beach if you have a keen eye you will spot it easy enough

there is a lot of shallow water with clear sandy patches with reef around down this way its great for big herring and whiting and skippy at night usualy prety easy beach to drive too you can fish with your car next to you which is what i like. if u like whiting and herring drive south from the carpark untill youe see a house in the dunes anywhere around there is a hotspot for them use berly they go insane


good luck let me know how u go im back home to gero from work in 2 and a half weeks got a 25 kg mulloway the day before i left for work so cant wait to hit the spot again pm me if you like and ill give you directions to the spot its a fair bit closer to town than s-bend though



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Very handy info

Wed, 2012-04-18 10:00

 Thanks Dan, the boys are excited. We don't know the area and don't have time to pay school fees. Good on ya buddy..PM sent.



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Only advice i can give you

Tue, 2012-04-17 07:39

Only advice i can give you sharktale is dont let Jordan cast your O/h again....

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It was a good death!

Wed, 2012-04-18 10:07

He got it out a fair distance. Ony problem was we couldn't reel it in!?.....He's seen the worst that can happen so it is all downhill from here.