alvey and ballooning?

hey guys, looking into getting an alvey combo for ballooning. my only concern is putting braid on alvey, done a bit of reading online about it. there seems to be lots of mixed opinions.

from what i understand the braid will cut up my fingers, especially when casting. i have never used alvey before, so i was wondering if this combo was soley for ballooning, would it be better to put braid on it and wear gloves or just stick with mono?

sure you guys have some experience, and opinions?





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 correct me if i am wrong as

Thu, 2012-03-08 09:34

 correct me if i am wrong as im sure someone will. from what i have read on here and other places braid has a tendency to shrink slightly when it has dried out and has caused the alvey reel to be crushed. you might want to look up a bit of info on this.

you might be better off spending your money on a decent egg beater or an overhead for this purpose


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use mono for sure

Thu, 2012-03-08 11:42

yes if you want to explode ur alvey go the braid. Mono also shrinks a bit when it dry's so make sure you pump and wind.. don't whinch or you will explode your spool

I use 35lb mono on mine. Great for casting out big baits if you are off the rocks. You need some stretch in the line too. you can get a great alvey / rod for about $500. I like the alvey just for the casting of big baits and sometimes you need to get them out a bit away from the wash

I might even know someone that might be offloading a custom setup so pm me if ur interested. I'll have to ask him but I don't think he uses it and I already have one



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I have been using my Alvey

Thu, 2012-03-08 13:20

I have been using my Alvey for nearly 30 years. most for casting out big baits. I have balloned from it too. Sorry I am not a fan of braid but,I usyually use 25-30lb mono on my 650c5. good for everything,If you go for thicker line, it really shortens your cast
On the Alvey would be no good IMO.
1. when casting the braid would more than likely cut your left hand point finger up.
2. when retrieving your line, you still have to work the line evenly over the spool, the same finger again copping some work
3. the use of extra swivels to combat line twist would cause some horror knots.
4. ouch $$$$$$


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I dont know about braid on that type of reel

Thu, 2012-03-08 13:37

But we use our finger on the braid when fight a big fish on our overheads, But we top shop with mono 100m-- 1000m braid ----100m mono backing

But thats a over kill i let out about 500m to 700m, Thats if there no sail boats around lol


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Thu, 2012-03-08 14:53

Good chance you will explode it. Over head is the only option if you want big fish

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As long as you pump and reel,

Thu, 2012-03-08 15:01

As long as you pump and reel, it should never be an issue on any reel


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cheers for feedback

Thu, 2012-03-08 15:18

even more reasons not to use braid! thanks boys



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mono all the way

Thu, 2012-03-08 19:56

I love hearing that people want to use the good old alvey. I have been using them for 30 years. My father introduced them to me and of recent I have to my son. If it is line capacity you are worried about then it will depend on the size alvey you have and the line you want to run on it. At the present I have a 651c5 with 1150 metres of 30lb mono good brand matched to a 14 ft snyder custom. I have just bought my son a 650c5 which is slightly smaller in line capacity than mine but still holds 850 metres of 25lb mono again a good brand matched to a 12ft wilson graphite rod the balance is incredable. I have fished this combo just about every where including quobba and steep point and found it to be great in line capacity and ability to handle the big ones. All new alveys are braid friendly but I can see issues with feeding the line onto it using your fingers and trying to palm the line out without it over spooling. It could be tricky but definately not impossible. I use braid on some of my bigger egg beater reels for beach and rock fishing and like it for that but am not keen to line my alvey with it as I am yet to have been spooled. Lets face it 1150 metres is a fair amount of mono. In the end its your choise but mono is probably the better bet.If you havent used an alvey before they are alot of fun and alot more relyable than most other types of reels. Learning to cast with an alvey will definately be easier with mono. Ballooning is alot of fun and the rewards can be almost overwhelming, what ever you choose you will have a blast good luck and tight lines.