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We had an awesome time, we got up there the week before the school holidays and the weather was joy, warm with no wind. Over the school holidays it blew a bit but we still managed to fish most days. Mitch and Dan South are still up there, they are leaving tomorow, the last few days they have been trying to catch a billie. Dan south and my brother got a 8kg and a 9kg red that was one of the best. Two other guys from our group caught a 50-60kg Black on a halco POPPER!!

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Any advice

Fri, 2006-07-21 15:10

Andy, there are some great fish there mate, well done. My niece's boyfriend is heading up to Coral Bay next week, do you have any advice to give as to where the best action is at present North or South?


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coral bay

Fri, 2006-07-21 15:16

our best bottom fishing was straight out the south in 65m of water. there is heaps of good ground, every day we kept finding new stuff and fishing that. we got the mackies trolling from south to north in 40m of water.

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Fri, 2006-07-21 15:39

those pearl perch are yummo hey Andy...

Great report too, marlin on popper????, now thats something you don't hear every day, well done mate...

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Couple of Dan South's Coral Bay Pics

Mon, 2006-07-24 17:18

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[img_assist|fid=29631|thumb=1|alt=coral bay july 06|caption=me and skotty's reds left8kg right9kg]

[img_assist|fid=29634|thumb=1|alt=coral bay july 06|caption=icredicredicred]

[img_assist|fid=29637|thumb=1|alt=coral bay july06|caption=baldy red]


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Tue, 2006-07-25 12:15

im back from from the bay and would have to rate it as one of the most memerable weeks of fishing ive had .dans boat is a bloody great ocean boat and wont to thank him and his family for a great weeks fishing.i think when it comes to highlights ,trolling along with 2 pushers out the back and a teaser chain of old cds out the back we had been at it for about half an hour with nothing those teasers work ? the call was made to stop the boat bring in the cds and skirts and hit it wide for a bottom bounce .so with the boat stopped i lent out to grab the line to pull in the cds,and hollie bloody shite directly under the cds was not one marlin eyeing them of but 2.gun it was the call.with in 30 seconds there it was a big billie slapping my lure .what an adrenilin rush,and with a short hook up it was all over . the same thing happened the next day but this time on dans tld 50 im still shaking just writing this down.
so i can tell you give it a crack .12 or so old cds about 500 mm apart tied together with some old heavie mono .drop them out the back about 4 or 5 metres theirs nothing to lose and i reckon it works

i didnt get any moster fish in the boat but did catch a few good red fish and learnt alot about how to go about it .a big tip is to have a good sounder as theres not alot of lumpy ground out there .the trick was to find the schooling fish on ya sounder drift over them pull up and go around again .we actually spent half the time dropping baits down and the other half the time finding the school and setting up for another drift.small circle hooks were the go
so thats it from me. and i will be back in the bay next year for SURE.
p.s got a couple of pics but no cigar on the billies.but im gonna give it crack again that is a deffinate
always in it just the depth that varies