From Argentina

This is my first post in your Forum Website

My mother language is Spanish but I will try to write in a way you understand me.

To begin a conection between Me and You.

Australian's Anglers and Argentine's Anglers with the same pasion.

Here an image of Yellow Tail's capture in "Mar del Plata" (400 km. from Buenos Aires)doing Jigging.

Congratulations for your Site and see you later.

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best wishes Jotache visit

Sat, 2006-04-22 21:59

best wishes
visit our Website from Argentina

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welcome to fishwrecked and

Sun, 2006-04-23 04:40

welcome to fishwrecked and australia mate
beautiful yellowtail there.....wish we get more of them.




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Welcome Jotache

Sun, 2006-04-23 09:27

Hey Jotache,

Checked out some of the video's on your site, very nice indeed. What species do you normally target in Argentina. Was having a little trouble with the Spanish on your site. :)


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A link about Jigging in Argentina

Fri, 2006-04-28 11:26

We are novice in the jigging´s technique.

And our Forum is the first in Argentina to talk about this.

Comming soon we will traslate the note to English-language.

visit our Website from Argentina

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making sense of it

Fri, 2006-04-28 11:57

Hi Jotache, interesting pics...bit of a problem with the spanish!!

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Fri, 2006-04-28 12:28

yesss...i was a bit hasty with that link...should have looked first. This is the babelfish translation from Jotache's website from spanish to english, of jigging which he says is new to Argentina. Think we'll have to wait for your translation Jotache...

Essentially it is a technique of the Spinning where they are used artificial mounted with simple or triple hooks with or without lead heads, or jig-heads, as the Americans call. The heads are adorned with vinyl decoys, hairs of red deer or other materials similar to which is used to mount the flies and assumes the denomination of jigs. In our country jigs of bottom which they are a decoy of a single piece done of lead and alloy are used essentially that varies its weight between 150grms and the 500 grms. They have 2 triples, one in head and another one in tail, although the one of the tail is placed less to avoid enlistment at heart. Jigging consists of the sent one of a lead decoy while the boat is to the drift (not cast anchor), once the decoy touches bottom agrees to gather a few returns of line not to enlist at heart of stones. Arranged the thorough decoy, the method consists of upwards making movements of pulls (of different intensity) with the cane. Given the systematics of this method, canes specialized for the same one exist, but can be used 30 inferior canes to lb. The effect that produces the pulls does that the decoy with their movements upwards and downwards is very attractive for the fish pregivers, since simulates the movement of a wounded fish swimming without sense. In individual, with the fishing to which we will talk about, the one of the fish lemon. This technique needs a technological aggregate since this fish is in constant nonfixed movement and a place to remain quiet. Ecosonda that it sweeps the bottom of sea indicates to us when it appears the fish under our boat. This is very important since the technique of jigging is very cansadora, therefore you send them to the nothing are to us reducing forces for when it is the moment of the real fight. He is always preferable to do you send them with the greater probability of having results.

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I need a few beers before trying to make sense of that.

Fri, 2006-04-28 14:34

Need to put on the beer goggles before attempting to make sense of that. But I am sure its exactly how I sound after a skinful, so I should have no trouble after about 9-00pm tonight.


Andy Mac



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I think

Fri, 2006-04-28 17:56

I think it would help if we could see Jotache waving his arms about as he spoke! ;o)

Cheers los amigos!! Enchalada and all that! he he he foreign languages always was my strong point - I'm fluent in Jibberish & Rubbish!