Assassin Land Based Fishing Competition Report

The latest club competition was held north of Perth on Saturday and while fish numbers were down, some big fish were caught.
The species caught included Shovel Nose Sharks, Black Rays , Tiger Shark ,Tailor, Garfish and Eagle Rays.
Conditions were perfect with low winds, little weed but nature provided an abundance of flies and bees.
Congratulations to Manie on his win and for pipping me at the post with his big Black Ray, his fight was much longer and a well deserved result.

Some weights were Black Ray 106.6 kg
Tiger Shark 103.8 kg
Shovel nose sharks of 13.8 and 19 kg
Eagle Ray 10kg

Results on the day were Manie Bekker 125.6 pts
Vincent Stacey 113.8 pts
Shaun Visser 49 pts

The Club also welcomes two new members , Travis and Eddie. I hope you enjoyed the comp and hope to see you next month.


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Club comp

Tue, 2015-01-13 20:32

Some nice captures guys , well done .

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Well done

Tue, 2015-01-13 22:28

 Those are two great fish.