Aussie site for line testing and knot testing

I found this site on a cruisecraft email and thought i'd have a look.

It goes through knot tests, line tests (diameter and breaking strain) and a few other things and it also offers you the chance to send in your line to see what it actually performs at. So for those who want to know how your line really stacks up and knots etc check it out.

don't ear bash me if you don't agree with what he says i'm just giving you a place to look, he even sells a tool for tying bimini twists for those who struggle with them.


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Great information - love the

Thu, 2011-12-01 09:24

Great information - love the technical details -

If your line is not on here and you want to know how to test them, try use the practical methods -

1. Knots - make a loop in your line, pull tight and try to break with your bare hands. If it breaks on the knot, bad knot strength, it it breaks anywhere before or after the knot, good knot strength.

2. Abrasion test - use toilet paper, keep your fishing line tight, then rub over it and count the number of times you go up and down before the line burns through. The more rubs you make, the better the abrasion of the line. Will differ depending the lb/kg rating of lines. (I find for 15kg - 18kg mono. 22 to 28 rubs is good enough for a good qaulity line.)



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An easier way to test the

Thu, 2011-12-01 09:50

An easier way to test the line strength is to send a couple of meters sample to the guy :p

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Knots too, he is willing to

Thu, 2011-12-01 11:02

Knots too, he is willing to test actual knots if you want to send a sample of each line, then a bunch of pretied knows to see how they rate against the line's max.


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He has been linked up a bunch

Thu, 2011-12-01 11:00

He has been linked up a bunch of times, its a great site.

I'm just trying his pull on leaders now.