'Bagging and Slagging' Fishing Charters

Hi Crew,

It seems lately that a few people may have had some bad experiences with fishing charters up and down the coast.  Whilst I appreciate you guys putting up your reports here, which is fine for you to do, how about you contact the operator and let them know that you weren't happy and see what they are willing to do about it.  Many people have high expectations (and differing expectations) when it comes to these sorts of things.  Try and put yourselves in their shoes, if the fish aren't biting, then there's not much you can do about it all you can do is try your best.  Just try and think about it from their perspective before going all keyboard warrior styles and ripping into their business and doing untold damage just because you got the bad day.  Everyone's heard the story, you shoulda been here yesterday!!

This thread only serves as notice that I will be monitoring this stuff closely from now on as; a) because I don't want defamation suits or the threats that go with, b) because these guys try bloody hard to get you fish and it's not always easy, c) because you wouldn't like it if it was your business being dragged through the mud.  So rather than jumping on the net and going to town, try ring the guys first and see what outcome you get and then if you aren't happy, have a good hard think before posting and try and keep it objective and tell your story and we will go from there.




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