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 Hey guys, been fishing most my life but one thing I've never tried is beach fishing, seen some nice tailor being caught lately around the metro beaches so gonna give it a crack. Went to a beach around the Cockburn area this morning with no luck. Not trying to ask for exact fishing locations but what are some decent beaches to fish for tailor flicking a twisty up along the beach. Cheers ! 



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depends on the are the asi

Sun, 2013-07-14 10:54

depends on the are the asi rock walls  can produce any number of nice fish from whiting herring pinkies sharks rays

the are near the boat ramps the rock walls in the produce as well the same even the conctrete jetty parks gets pinkies in there squid and more

the beachs  tailor ect coogee ther ammo jetty always good for some thing normaly lots of bait fish there flathead whiting ect

even up ear the new marina at coogee whiting herring  leather jackets ect


just have to try its called fishing no guarentee of catching



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 Head further north to

Sun, 2013-07-14 16:42

 Head further north to Cottesloe & Grant St. Plenty of reef in the area & there's plenty of tailor caught from the Cottesloe groyne up to & beyond Swanbourne Drain. Ideal area to go for a wander throwing lures into likely looking spots. There's also plenty of areas along there that have little or no reef & you can just anchor a mulie to the bottom if you want to break out the bigger gear & sit on your butt.


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 cheers guysmight give the

Sun, 2013-07-14 19:36

 cheers guys
might give the northern side a go cott etc!