Beach launching my 5.8mtr sportfish Cuddy Cab Plate Aluminium boat help

Hi everyone,
We have finally retired and are planning a trip to SA to collect a few KG whiting.
Its been a few years since I have posted on here. Its a great site to gain valuable info for trips such as the one I must do on my bucket list.
Let me first tell you what I have put together so as not double up on the same idears.
My Tug is a 2012 Toyota 200series GX TTD with five speed crawl.
To this I have brought a receiver mount winch that will take a 12500kg winch incase the truck gets bogged near the shore break, I can drop the trailer onto the drop down Dunbeir fifth wheel, to enable me to get the truck onto firmer ground and winch the trailer/boat out with block to half the load.
I have two sets of maxtracks for the truck as well.Plus four snatch straps/ extensions.
I was thinking of inverting my hitch to enable the boat to slide off at an angle of 10-15 degrees, plus the same on retrival.
PS: yes I have let the tyres down to 20psi.I have a double heavy duty 150psi 12v pump as well.

The trailer is a tandum set up 400kg with small 900x6 tyres and rims. ( I know, I know.) three speed winch I/1.5/1. 10/1.
The boat is 850kg loaded with fuel. Motor is a 115 Yamaha four stroke.
Launching into a protected bay with small shore break of 300/450mm.The entire shore line is covered in ribbon weed from 300-450mm thick.
I have seen how pulling the entire rig at 45 degs to the shore break makes for easier retrevial.

Now here is where my brain has gone into Overdrive. I and my wife will be on our own. D wife will be in the boat doing the driving both off and back on. The trailer is fully rollered with full Teflon fitted to all exposed gal parts.
( Pray for my beloved boat).
I know that the longer the trailer is sitting in the wash the trailer will sink into the sand caused by the wash around the tyres.
My brain came up with aluminium used security doors with the diamond mesh screen fitted as they are very strong. These are 2 x1200 x 2000mm plus 6 x 2000mm x800mm.
the idear is to back the trailer onto the two larger sections face down to 1, reduce the sand + ribbon weed pushing up through the mesh,2. make a large area to spread the total weight of 1350kg.Thust I will have the mesh as extra traction to get rolling out of harms way.

PS I have a 3000lb electric winch with two remotes so I can control the hook and help guide the boat back on.
Any extra help/ suggestions please.

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Mate here’s my two cents as I

Tue, 2018-11-06 07:16

Mate here’s my two cents as I beach launch my 18ft plate ally boat on a soft beach up north


I back my trailer down and when it’s almost in position slides max track under each side

I snatch mine out not winch

winch imo can’t still get bogged down where as snatching it makes it roll along the top of the sand

once the trailer is in position connect snatchys (I use 30m) to car and boat and take up the slack so the trailer can’t roll back anymore

crank or drive boat on whatever ur choosing

then yank it out up to the level or slightly harder ground


I run trailer tyres at 14psi and car at 8-10psi


i loop my snatchy around the part of the trailer where the two side pieces meet the drawbar


as I said just my opinion on a system that has worked for years effortlessly for us on a supremely soft beach

good luck  

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Tue, 2018-11-06 07:48

+1 for what black gen says, I also beach launch an 18 footer mostly around the Midwest 

My tips 

take tyre pressure below 15psi

reverse trailer back about a metre before trying to drive out

drop down wheels are great for when the beach just isn’t suitable or it’s changed when you come back in with tides or conditions, instead of using a snatch strap I use a winch extension strap which doesn’t have the same elasticity as a snatch.  It’s a bit safer as you can never be too sure how your trailer will stand up to a snatch.  As said above you can get your car out of the danger zone.  I have never had to pull on it too hard


speed is the key to getting in and out but if your car is getting stuck just don’t wait too long to drop the trailer and focus on getting the car out first and foremost.  The boat can be pushed back off the trailer and drag the trailer back up and start again.  Once your car is stuck good it gets nasty, An air inflation jack is handy for this instance

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 You are all over it. Would

Tue, 2018-11-06 07:20

 You are all over it. Would probably upgrade the rims and tyres on the trailer for larger surface area and i assume you have a quality compressor to reinflate tyres. Best of luck with the trip. If there are no photos it didn't happen 

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Don't beach retrieve like I did

Tue, 2018-11-06 08:53

My mate wondered why everyone was getting their phones out taking photos.....


 ocean, sky and outdoor




Go fishing they said, it's easy

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Take the pressure down

Tue, 2018-11-06 17:06

car tyres at around 12-14 psi or less.


Have your trailer on a little bit of an angle, and then you pull out one side at a time.


See if there’s something rigid to hook your winch to, to pull your car out with. Have your winch ready to go.


Speed is the key.... the longer it’s all on the shoreline, the more likely it’ll go pear shaped. 


Have cold old beer on hand for if it does go wrong. You might need to hand a few out if you need help. 

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Thanks everyone for your

Wed, 2018-11-07 09:05

Thanks everyone for your imputs.
Have watched a couple of YouTube clips.
The sand is fairly hard where the locals launch.
Population (18)
So we are Very much on our own.
The KG's go 60cms plus. I have seen a few of the locals trying to hide their catch away from my eyes, saying they only catch snook.
I know what a thumper looks like. Theses were all Thumpers.
That's why they have no boat ramps, and tell only lies. More Lies.
I was watching them leave the shore line to where they pulled up.And again when they returned 2 hours later with there catch of Snook only.
What a load of Bullder Dash.
You don't take the 12 footer there, as they have a local population of Great Whites.

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 Another way is to retrieve

Wed, 2018-11-07 12:42

 Another way is to retrieve is to just push the trailer out with its 5th wheel down, drive the boat on quickly and secure via boat latch/catch and then snatch out the trailer and boat. 200 series wont get anywhere near the water and can hook up to the trailer on hard sand.

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Thanks again Woody. It all

Wed, 2018-11-07 18:20

Thanks again Woody. It all helps. The drop down fifth wheel is one of my get out of jail cards.@ $350 Galvinised with HT hub is cheap insurance. Because of my winch post so close to my cupling, I had to shorten one end, of the two Ubolts to fit to the trailer.
works a treat.

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 You are going to a lot of

Wed, 2018-11-07 18:36

 You are going to a lot of effort mate to catch a KG in SA. 

How far west are u talking? 


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Hi Timboon, We are heading

Wed, 2018-11-07 19:53

Hi Timboon,
We are heading South West.
They are not Just KG's. They are Thumpers as they call them down there. AS thick as your forearm. Have seen them up front.Lots of fun on light gear.
The effort is worth it, as they catch mullaway,snapper, sambo's and big kingies on the reefs. Plus Bluefin Tuna.

AS to where we are taking is Yalata country. The last frontier.

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 If its at all possible to

Wed, 2018-11-07 18:43

 If its at all possible to anchor the boat and only pull it out if the weather shits itself that's what I'd be doing.  

Boating/fishing soon loses its shine when its a pain in the ass, plenty of easy launching places in SA to hunt KG without the fuck around unless u can leave it in the brine...

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Timboon, Its like Exmouth,

Wed, 2018-11-07 20:03

Its like Exmouth, 2-3 on and 7 off.
When it blows in the bight, you won't find your boat again.
As they say, you should have been here yesterday.
Winter time down there is better. Summer is worst then Exi's summer.Been there, done that.

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 I know the far west coast

Wed, 2018-11-07 20:59

 I know the far west coast well... 

Sometimes Blue, size does matter so good luck...

I'd still be organising an anchor system and watching the weather...



Pm me if you wanna talk more