Bernier Island Trip - Carnarvon

Update on S9 and Trip with link to photos & video

Sorry folks but only just had chance to coallate and respond to queries above.

I have attached a link to Photos, Video, Costs of our trip to Bernier Island 50KM west of Carnarvon in new Sailfish S9.

Included costs incase any body planning a similar trip, and show fuel usage /day (first fill $409.60 top up low tanks) we budgeted $1200 each, came in at  $1173 per person (4 in Sailfish) (3 in Legend)

Recommend Carnarvon Motel, they were great giving us 2 rooms at back of motel for 5 days and an area to park boats with washdown facilties, let us use our weber bbq as well as dining in the motel buffet, not to mention the hot showers, tv, double beds, aircon.

Yep were all old boys (45-55) and want to fish in comfort these days, done my time in caravan parks in swag. 

The trip was just fantastic with the boat performing to all my expectations. Weather was great for first 3 days, Blew out wednesday which was good as a lay day, make rigs

fix dek wash, snooze, old boy fisho's worn out..... 

Fishing was harder Thu/Fri due to swell, found best way to get baldies was to duck close into cliffs (50m) between swell drop and idle back out (always skipper on helm). Pretty well bagged out each day except first, took a while to find fish.

As requested above Photos of Gauges at 27.3Kn at 4000rpm burning (53.7L/hr for both 200hp yamies)



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 Geez boys what an awesome

Fri, 2017-09-15 06:54

 Geez boys what an awesome trip. Well done

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Fri, 2017-09-15 09:44

 Absolutely awesome, great fishing trip.


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 What a great trip Ian,

Fri, 2017-09-15 14:21

 What a great trip Ian, thanks for sharing.  Great resource or inspiration for others also