Best rod for rock/beach fishing for a Alvey 650C5 Reel


Hi Guys, hope all is well....

The misses has just surprised me with an Alvey 650c5 reel (early bday pressie), but I have an old 12" fibreglass rod thats heavy and prob should be retired! I am heading up to Kalbarri soon and was looking to get a new rod, any suggestions on a rod ....thanks guys any advise appreciated!!



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I have an Ozflex SU450. Very

Thu, 2011-08-04 04:39

I have an Ozflex SU450. Very happy with it 4.5 metre One piece, very sturdy, can cast a no. 6 sinker with ease.

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well lots of it comes down to

Thu, 2011-08-04 07:32

well lots of it comes down to $$$  but you need to get a low mount alvey rod with the first eye being a big one

I love 1 peice rods but now day the 2 peice rods are very good and 1 peice rods are so hard to transport when you get bigger than 8 foot ( i like putting my rods in a tube even on the roof to try to save dammaging them

I also have an ozflex and cant fault it but mine is a 2 peice it is a little on the heavy side and im sure there are lots lighter out there but if you use a rod tube and dont hold it the whole time this shouldnt matter

I also have 2 Scnider glass alvey rods and they are great old rods a little bit more expensive and do the same job

It all comes down to how much you want to spend and if your worried about how heavy the rod is.


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Mate, sounds like you have

Thu, 2011-08-04 14:49

Mate, sounds like you have got old technology and want to combine it with new!  My mate recently got a custom graphite 13ftr built and then put my casting to shame, the old alvey worked wonderfully with a graphite.  I personally match my alvey with a 12-15ft 8-9w old school snyder or butterworth, weighs a bit but can take anything.  Go the one piece if you have roof racks.  I am unsure if you have used an alvey before or not but if you havn't don't spend too much on your first rod for it, many ppl throw the alvey in the shed and never use it again after one trip.  If you have big bucks and are happy to part with them go a 13ft graphite, if not i would give Jim Head a call and see what he has in his shed for sale.  He is always doing up old fibreglass (snyders, butterworths) rods which in my opinion shit all over ozflex.

Pretty sure this is the guy, will build you a graphite blank too if you want i would expect.

If new to alveys google the use of them to avoid frustrations on your trip.

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One Piece is bet IMO

Thu, 2011-08-04 15:32

I used to do heaps of Alvey fishing in the east. My experience and that of companions is that the single piece stick is the way to go as you will be hurling some pretty big weights and hopefully dragging in some pretty big fish. Poida has the right idea. Check out what some of the rod builders are doing. I know singles are a pain in the arse to transport but if you are fishing Kalbarri or the like then there shouldn't be a problem roof mounting. Good luck.


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Jas I have an Alvey 650BC

Thu, 2011-08-04 22:39

Jas I have an Alvey 650BC loaded with 500m of 15 kg mono. Its a winch and my intent is to catch big fish land based so I decided on two rods from Ozflex, the SU7177, 4.4m (14.4 ft) 10-15kg 2 piece for the beach and a FSU6120, 3.05m (10 ft) 10-15kg 1 piece for the rocks. I am not sure of what the other makes are like, but these are good quality glass wrap rods that are tough as nails, seriously you could land a whale on these, I took the beachy down the bottom of the exmouth gulf and had a ball catchin sharks, the alvey was locked by hand when line was still peeling on full drag lock, me mate holdin me under the shoulders and leant back on on this rod tryn to get this massive sharks head to turn and the rod was bent like a banana putin serious load on the fish, tough as nails. The beachy is better for casting distance with heavy weight, but the 10 footer doesnt need to cast far for what it is used for.


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Old Snyder

Thu, 2011-08-04 22:50

I use an old Alvey 651 ( left hand wind ) on a 13ft Snyder . Great rod and reel, never fail's me. 600m of 30lb Tryline and going strong after 15 years.

I also have Ozflex rod's for my O/H reels on the beach or of the rock''s, they are also great rod's for their price.

No mater what rod you buy, make sure it's a low mount to suit an Alvey.( they are made to match that style of side cast reel )

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i use a 13ft synder and a

Sun, 2011-08-07 19:45

i use a 13ft synder and a ozflex both are 9 wraps no complaints