Box Trailer ( advice on manufacturers / sellers )

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Just checking out a new trailer for general home use but with ability to use for Steep / Dirk Hartog etc). Been looking for galvanised braked 7x4 or 7x 5 single axle with landcruiser stud pattern to match the 100 series . 

There are heaps of trailer sellers out there but am always wary about quality and strength etc to be able to handle trips away . Wont be carrying massive loads ( say 750kg mark) .

Have checkied out online reviews but seeing if anyone has had any first hand experiences or recommendations ( be it where to but or keep away !)  . Will be keeping it so am happy to pay reasonable amount as long as it doesnt crap itself as soon as it hits some rough roads etc.





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Tue, 2024-02-20 17:27

 I've had a Coastmac 7x5 galvanised box trailer for 10 years now, general duties hauling dirtbikes and tip runs, the rims have some rust so I'll replace rims and tyres this year other than that no issues, paid around $1,500 with spare and jockey wheel back in the day. Single axle, no brakes. I've driven out to Steep before and if I needed to haul gear I'd tow it out there no worries with the usual pre-cautions and definately not heavy, obviously better if wheel track and spares suited the tow vehicle. Overloading and rough tracks kills trailers quick, careful who you lend it to lol.

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Tue, 2024-02-20 21:00

 I have had my 7 x 4 Papas trailer for 37 years, went to Steep Point fully loaded for 2 week trips 17 times (first trip was in 86 when it took 4 hours to get in from the causeway and the road got graded about every 5 years) and to the causeway over 40 times (yes we use to go to Shark bay upto 5 times a year) Been my work trailer for doing lawnmowing since 1998, single axle rated to 1000 kg, I have never looked at it and thought what a waste, there was no internet back then I just asked around and then bought it as no one said anything bad about them.


I got the 7 footer so I could put my Z1000ST on it if it ever broke down (never did it was a Kawasaki)



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Cheers Fellas

Thu, 2024-02-22 07:59

Still have my old papas that had been modified over the years to go away to carry quad bike and extended heay duty draw bar for jerries and tool box . I had cut some rust out of it and welded some new plates / lick of paint to keep it going but its 20 plus years old now and although ok for home use wouldnt take it away . So am seeing whats out there to replace it . Alot made overseas nowadays ( galv ones )  so will start to drive around and look at build quality and components they use.  

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 Papas is all Chinese

Thu, 2024-02-22 12:28

 Papas is all Chinese imported now 

not what they were 

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 I took a new 7x5 braked

Fri, 2024-02-23 12:20

 I took a new 7x5 braked Coastmac caged trailer to DHI back in October and it handled the trip no worries. It was their 'off road' version. I got canvas put on mine by a local supplier. We thoroughly checked the trailer over before the trip though so recommend you do the same.