Hey fellas headed out with LOCO ( BREAM KING- hahaha) for a fish on saturday at the narrows. didnt get into much but managed to pull in a huge bream.( Huge by  my expectations..33 cm and another slightly smaller...its all about the tming for breamski in my humble opinion. no bites as soon as we got there around midnight but when it hit 230am they were on the bite... so were the blowies which was surpring cause i alwasy thought they rarely come out at night.. anyway its a good spot if u like staying for the long haul...would have stayed longer if not for the blowies ...oh yeah and there was this other dude there who was fishing as well.. he said a little earlier he had a big run on his bigger rig ( mulloway or ray or something BIG).. we had our bigger rigs out as well with the whoel range of baits..( scallies, mullet, squid, ) but no action..but still was a hell of a night..the photos on me phone will find a way to load it up..alright nice one guys

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Nice work mate, In my

Mon, 2007-08-20 06:16

Nice work mate,

In my opinion and so far, its never let me down in more than 5 times fishing in the river... its about paying attention to how fast the water is running due to the tide and fishing according to that.

The faster the water, the more chance the bream will not be on the bite... the stiller (closer to the high or low) the more they feed....

I paid attention to this and always on the first cast, I was nailed.