Broome time

 Have been invited up to Broome in 2 weeks,sounds like tinny or 4 wheel drive to beach planned.Drinking beer and talking shit probably a sure thing but i already excel in these two pastimes,what i am enquiring about is what type of fishing gear to take for fishing from beach or tinny in creeks.Many thanks in advance for any help given.

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 For a quick trip I take 1

Mon, 2017-08-21 06:21

 For a quick trip I take 1 combo. 6ft Tcurve and 4000 stella 30lb line, 40lb leader. Single hooks 6/0 gamakatsu stainless fly hooks ball sinkers and some trolling lures.

Covers me for shore based(Fitzroy river or creeks) and boat. All you need for barra, threadies, jacks etc.