Burley up much with sp's & lures?

 Having a hard time getting into some fish lately on sp's and was wondering would it be worth chucking a heap of burley in or just keep doing the old cast and move on trying to find the fish way?

Been off work for the week and have tried Mindarie and Hillarys a few afternoons with nothing biting, its killing me! Is anyone eles getting into anything this week?

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I reckon lure fishing is a

Wed, 2012-07-11 20:55

I reckon lure fishing is a hunting exersice so getting mobile would be my first option followed by changing lure style, retrieve, color etc. Berleying up won't hurt though if you just want to stay in the same area for a few hours. Decreasing leader diameter, increasing leader length or using flourocarbon might be worth a try to.

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 Ah man, tried it all with

Wed, 2012-07-11 21:38

 Ah man, tried it all with the changing lure's, colour, leader lenght. I'am using flouro, its 6lb in case of a chance tailor so I might drop it down again.


By the way, does anybody know or has anyone caught any fish at the very top of mindarie at the little cove near the car park for the north wall? Was packed up and heading home yesterday and spotted a some movement.

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6lb flouro is plenty light

Wed, 2012-07-11 21:59

6lb flouro is plenty light enough for ocean luring, I think your pretty safe ruling leader diameter out. Maybe increasing leader length if you've only used fairly short leaders. Try anything up to 4 rod lengths for your leader. I reckon maybe your just having a tough patch (happens to me all the time) or the areas your fishing simply might not be holding many hungry fish at the moment. Try to berley up some herring & rip a 10g chrome twisty back through them. If that fails to get you a bit of entertainment then I'd look for ground further afield.