Cape Keraudan Launching 6m boat??

Hi Guys


Has anyone launched a 6m boat from  Cape Keraudan. I normall launch at Pardoo but the road from the homestead to Pardoo Creeks is still wet.

I've heard some horror stories about launching at  Cape Keraudan has anyone got any advise as I'm wanting to go this weekend. Launch on Friday and retrieve on Sunday?

 Ive got DBP up here  for 3 days fishing, want to show him a good "Pilbara Trip"



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concrete ramp

Sat, 2012-01-21 11:56

 I have been up there and launched from there.Trick is the tide as the ramp runs down to the reef  but the tide empties the bay out. The ramp is curved  and about 100 metres long which does test a few that cant back.Fishing there is a reef about 7 miles out and another 20 out but the trawlers have fished these quite a bit. great spot when its not windy but at this time of the year it normally is.


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