Cast net questions

 Is a bigger cast net easier to trow?

I'm leaving in a month to the Western australia, to use cast nets in WA I need a linces right? The licens allows me to trow nets from Broome all the way down to Perth?

At the momment I live in Queensland where cast nets are legal and I also have one; A cotton one what was a big mistake but now I wanna buy an other one from mono. Now I'm not sure wich size I wanna buy. the one I have now is an 8 foot net and I can trow it really good but I was wondering if it is worth to buy a bigger one?


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Have a read

Sat, 2011-09-17 17:39

Have a read here

It has everything you need to know about WA regulations on netting


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I wish I found this out ages

Sat, 2011-09-17 19:01

I wish I found this out ages ago before I bought mine lol. At first I didnt know you weren't allowed to just go anywhere and use them, but found out just after I bought it. Still got it, brand new and un-used lol.

Will be going up as decoration for my fish and chips shop soon ahhaa

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My favourite net is a 9 ft

Sun, 2011-09-18 10:43

My favourite net is a 9 ft mono drawstring from Arafura tackle, by far the hardiest best throwing net I've used so far, had a maxicast in the same design last year and struggled with it so went down and bought another Arafura Tackle one a couple of months ago. Comes in at 2.7 meters and 25 mm mesh so fits the legal sizes.


Good Luck, Daisy


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