Casual Position(s) Available - Seafood Processing - Shore Catch Wangara

Due to business expansion, Shore Catch is seeking to employ additional casual staff.  The position(s) would fall under the Seafood Processing Award 2010 as a Process Attendant Level 1.  Point of entry - new employee.

Under the award, with some modification to reflect actual requirements, the role description is as follows.

Level 1.  An employee in the first three months of duty undertakes training for any task including but not limited to sorting, grading, shredding, trimming, washing, packaging and processing fish, seafood and marine products under direct supervision.  An employee remains at this level for the first three months or until they are capable of demonstrating competency in the tasks required at this level so as to enable them to progress to Level 2.

Level 2.  Shredding, filleting, weighing, cleaning of fish, shellfish and marine products.  Bulk packaging and operation of single function fish processing equipment.  Precise grading, marking and inspection.  Chilling of products.  Sealing, stopping and stamping of cartons.  Recording and documentation as required.

The role is one for juniors looking to earn some cash doing something that they could enjoy.  Our business is about quality for the recreational fisherman, so a long history and understanding of recreational fishing and fish processing is essential, as is work ethic.  Hours are anywhere between 7am and 3pm Monday to Friday, subject to Supervisor advice but are more likely to be early in the week.  Callum24 is the “Boss”, and you couldn’t want a better one.

All that is required to apply is a one-page letter.  Tell us about your skills, experience and availability and what you would bring to the role.  Applications should be submitted to, and applications close on 20 April. 

If you know anyone that might suit the role, please let them know.  We certainly value our employees, and ideally are looking for motivated team members with a passion for doing a good job.

Thanks.  Mick


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 damn, would love to apply.

Sat, 2017-04-15 12:56

 damn, would love to apply. Looks like an awesome position for a young guy!! 


Too bad i live SOR.

Good luck to all applicants.


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 Perfect opportunity for

Sat, 2017-04-15 13:29

 Perfect opportunity for someone to get into, not only the field but the fishing community. Well done mick hope it works out for you guys, you run a great shop.


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