Cheers you dogs

Packing the boat this morning and realized my 1kw has gone and the 600w backup has also had a haircut

in atwell

not much you can do


my only thought is the rip it off each trip (I don’t use the boat as much as I once did) and just connect it up to the plug under the gunnel each time I’m heading out

not ideal but I’d have some money on them coming back for another visit because let’s face it, it will be replaced

 On the plus side we ended up with a heap of whiting for bait for next years trips away

might leave the sounder at home more often 

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Sun, 2019-08-11 16:27



Bad luck bud. Fuckin crackheads. 

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 scum . not good at all. bad

Sun, 2019-08-11 16:56

 scum . not good at all. bad enough taking the big one but cutting to 


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That’s shit... 

Sun, 2019-08-11 18:22

That’s shit... 


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 Sorry to hear that. The pin

Sun, 2019-08-11 21:12

 Sorry to hear that. The pin design is shit with the split rings on each end making it easy to remove. I replaced the top pin with threaded rod and nylocks, making it harder to remove as they would need the correct tools.

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Sun, 2019-08-11 21:25

Sorry to hear the scum hit you, from memory this isn’t the first time?


Instead of removing with plugs etc it might be worth considering a metal box that sits loosely over the top and padlocks on, a couple of tabs welded on to the trailer and or I bolts, nothing is impenetrable but it might be enough to make them reconsider (too hard) and move on.  The plugs are a potential bad connection point anyway


trouble is they can always break into your shed or garage if they are that keen anyway 

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 rig do you have any pics or

Mon, 2019-08-12 11:23

 rig do you have any pics or anything of what your talking about...i quite like the idea and trying to picture in my head how it might work.

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Just saw this

Tue, 2019-08-13 19:40

Hi Black Gen


Sorry, Just saw this now, pm me your email address  and I will send something through

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That’s fucked

Sun, 2019-08-11 21:48

You got room for a wet box install ?  


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Sorry to see that

Sun, 2019-08-11 21:49

There is nothing safe any more. 

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Mon, 2019-08-12 07:48

 Same thing happened in Palm Beach last week.

Hopefully insurance company come to the party

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That is farkin shithouse.

Mon, 2019-08-12 07:53

That is farkin shithouse. Probably unsellable now too so it's basically vandalism.


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Thats Phuked....and to think

Mon, 2019-08-12 08:07

Thats Phuked....and to think it must be somebody fishing related...I think they can re-join the wires Jack.

Has to be somebody close by with a boat IMO..

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 SIlver fox are you meaning

Mon, 2019-08-12 11:22

 SIlver fox are you meaning wetbox on the transom? How would this be more secure then a trann? Im curious....


Jack they cut enough of the cord (abour 300mm) so would be able to get another plug on it....would look funny if trying to sell as it would be a short corded tm260.

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Mon, 2019-08-12 11:54

Wet box mounted on the inside of your hull. Tranny sits in a bath of antifreeze solution and shoots straight through the hull . If they can steal that then I give up ! .


 My wife understands why I clean my rods n reels in the shower....


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is an ally boat mate so im

Mon, 2019-08-12 12:20

is an ally boat mate so im not sure the shoot through is an option, i also dont remember seeing a spot in the hull for one either. might have to run the gauntlet

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Just suggestion

Mon, 2019-08-12 12:38