Community Spirit

We read a few negative posts on here so thought I would post a great example of community spirit to start this new week.

I went down to my local park this afternoon to practice a few casts. I was pleased with my first few casts and quickly discovered a 6oz star sinker can bury itself quite deep in grass.

I was pulling the sinker out of the grass when a gentleman who had walked the length of the park approached me. I was expecting it to be a local about to have a go at me for throwing some lead bullets around his park. Instead, he pulled out a lead blob and started to offer some tips on my technique. As it would turn out he is an experienced competitive dry caster, rod builder and nice guy. I'm not sure if he thought my casting needed a lot of work or if he was just pleased to see another idiot rock up to fish at his local park! Whichever it was, I'm greatful for his advice and wanting to help out a fellow fisherman.

Thanks to everyone on here who is keen to share their knowledge.

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 goes to show there are some

Sun, 2017-08-13 19:11

 goes to show there are some helpfull folk out there. i used to do the same thing in my younger days and i just copped abuse . 

its not hurting anyone so why not . just airaating the grass 1 sinker at a time 


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Good story !

Sun, 2017-08-13 20:54

great too meet someone with a common interest

share some knowledge! Have a few beers 

happy days!! Cheers pirate