Coral Bay Fishing (Until Thursday)

Hi Peeps. My friend Lynda and I are in Coral Bay until Thursday (heading home Friday) our fishing charter for tomorrow got cancelled. Thankfully we got in one charter last week (photos below… not as sucfessful as I hoped). We tried to get a charter in Exmouth but all are booked too. Does anyone have any good spots around Coral Bay that are good for land based fishing and if so where and what sort of setup would you use. I brought a beach rod and a few flicky rods. Thanks everyone.


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 Hi Helen,If you have a 4WD

Sat, 2021-09-11 16:18

 Hi Helen,

If you have a 4WD the bay south of five finger reef is worth a flick with metals for Trevally or queenfish, or you can soak a bait for spangos. High tide is best for sure like most land based spots. You can do the same at Maud's landing beach which doesn't need a 4WD. If you're flicking lures make sure you get your walk on and cover as much ground as you can. If you have a 4WD you can go south of the sanctuary zone at oyster bridge and do the same. Look for reef within casting distance of shore.

another spot for lures is called the sand spit which the local 4WD mud maps will have on it which you can wade out onto and cast lures around.

Another option is burley up and cast unweighted baits out at night at the Marina wall for spangos etc.

Hope that helps. Enjoy our time up there!

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Yellow Fin Whiting

Sat, 2021-09-11 16:23

 Yellow Fin Whiting can be caught at Mauds as well. Cast just into the shore break where the sand is stirred up. You can see them sometimes as well cruising just behind the shore break. Also caught quite a few Garfish with the whiting


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 Couple of nice fish there.

Sat, 2021-09-11 16:37

 Couple of nice fish there. At least you got a good feed on the way..


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Agree with the marina wall

Sat, 2021-09-11 16:48

Got smoked at the marina wall on 30lb around sunset fishing unweighted mullies.

Whatever it was nailed the bait and ran straight for cover.

Same night a guy pulled a 65cm spango off the jetty

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Thanks everyone. Was thinking

Sun, 2021-09-12 06:41

Thanks everyone. Was thinking maybe the marina wall for squid. You reckon that could be a goer?


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Wed, 2021-09-15 11:25

Hey Helen

Marina is good for squid, go there at night with a flash light and you can see them usually. If you use a mulie or a scalie on ganged hooks, cast out and slowly reel in the squid follow it, once you can see them you flick a squid jig at them!

Do you have a 4x4?



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Wed, 2021-09-15 18:56

 Not sure if its too late but I have had great success on the gold spot trevors during the day by jigging the hardyheads on tiny feathers that congregate around the rocks then putting a circle hook in and casting them from the end of the groyne facing north.It can be full on explosive stuff and they taste good as well.After all the boats are done the jetty fishes well for spangled emperor up to 800mm all night long on a single 4/0 loaded up as much weight as you can of cut flesh and pitched due north with no sinker.I lived at Waroora for a while and always bagged out there


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