Coral Coast - best beach launching locations

 Hi All,


Im planning a possible trip to the Coral Coast somewhere and will have 2 4wds, one with a caravan, the other with a V19 boat. Both are quite comfortable going offroad.

My question is this - where is some of the better places to launch a boat and potentially leave it anchored? Or would it be better to retreieve it overnight?


Im considering Quobba, Gnaraloo Bay area, Ningaloo etc but Ive not been up there recently (like, 30yrs). Im looking for a reasonably easy location, for beach access mostly.


Is there any other areas I should consider?

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Gnaraloo Bay

Tue, 2019-06-11 16:05

 Gnaraloo bay is about the best but the track in by all accounts is shocking


If you are thinking of staying at Quobba then set up a mooring and launch the boat there but take the drive south and retrieve it in Carnarvon when its time to go.

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Ningaloo has some options, road is appalling

Tue, 2019-06-11 18:18

 Point Billie has a good natural ramp, retrieve it each  day. Windy exposed campsites, spinifex and dirt. Winderabandi Point launching and retrieve is best done at low tide, when the beach gets hard and the surge can't come over the reef. We have always left boats in the water there, using a running mooring. From about site 27 out to the point, good deep sand to set a danforth in.  Further into the bay, to the east end, plenty of beach,but the sand gets very thin over the top of rock as you go out from the beach, really hard to get anything to hold. 

The road in, unless it has been recently graded, is just shocking. Hadn't been done for at least two years when I was there last year. The track north from the homestead always stays the same, two wheeled track with lots of corrugations in the sandy bits. It will find any weaknesses with your boat trailer or caravan. The tilt tray from Exmouth does a roaring trade down there in winter. You can access from the Yardie creek end, only 22 km of horror down to the Winderabandi gate, as the creek has filled in again after being impassable for a lot of years, but you will still need to transit down to the homestead to pick  up your gate key and book in. But you could just unhitch at the gate to wherever you intend to camp,  and take the car for the return trip.

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Ningaloo easily the best

Tue, 2019-06-11 20:50

Ningaloo easily the best bet

fish not too far out and drops off close aswel

plenty of bills 

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 Thanks for the feedback so

Tue, 2019-06-25 10:52

 Thanks for the feedback so far, some good tips and ideas