coxswains exams and orals questions any advice

guys im currentlly doing my Coxswains externally through TAFE

i have finished my assignments and next to do are the written exams on nautical and engineering knowledge and practical assessments.

then obviously the orals.

can anyone give me any feedback on what the TAFE exams are like both written and practical and also the orals.

wish i had the time to do the course at TAFE as externally has been difficult to find the time to study and when i do get time i find that i have forgotten things i read a month prior.

many thanks in advance

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Cade if you have completed

Wed, 2011-05-18 20:21

Cade if you have completed all the assignments have a good read through them and then go do the exam. As with most external studies you have been exposed the entire ciriculum and not schooled just for the exam. You will sit it and ask what was I worried about from memory from along time ago it was only 7 Questions and you actually cover more in your RST.

Good luck