Cray Bait

As a beginner to this potting game how regularly should you be discarding the old baits.  We've been using a mixture of various heads, whole herring, wrasse and the like and whilst some baits remain whole they are getting on the smelly side.  Are fresh baits better?



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100 percent better

Tue, 2018-12-04 20:09

When crays are there:( . I use blue mackerel. Now trying pig fat/ and skinned roo tail with macks

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Yes replace every 2-3 days.  

Tue, 2018-12-04 20:12

Yes replace every 2-3 days.  

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My system

Wed, 2018-12-05 12:06

I load the bait basket up 1 day, then top it up days 2 and 3, then take all out and completely refresh it day 4

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Wed, 2018-12-05 19:25

Thanks guys for the feedback.  Our team is struggling to get runs on the board thus far.  If I ate as many donuts as we've had I'd be dead.   



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 we only throw out the tuna

Fri, 2018-12-07 07:52

 we only throw out the tuna heads when they are bones or need space in the basket. saw one of the pro's dropping lines of pots outside FFB wed .pots 200m apart, lines of pots 500m apart. this was 500m 1km, 1.5km past FFB. no reef in sight. I guess he was waiting for them to take off.

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Doing same Alan

Wed, 2018-12-05 21:00

Donuts in pots. Taking tanks everyday as back up. Fresh bait ,location brilliant. Zero in pots . Moved to different location today. Only trying to keep keen. Put one pot in wild card location. Just drove and threw off in sand ( no reef in site) All brand new bait. See what happens.while diving all well and truly hard enough. Got me buggered.heaps there my pots crap.

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ur not the only one alan...i

Thu, 2018-12-06 14:58

ur not the only one alan...i am also struggling, and hurts to read reports of so many bagging out lol! beggining to imagine problems with my pots!! (however prettysure its operator error)....

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Chook heads

Thu, 2018-12-06 21:21

Has anyone tried chook heads for cray bait, I have used them for crabs and found them to be effective but never tried them on crays. A friend has offered me a good number of them if I want to try them on the crays, however I don't want to setup a pot with the heads if they have been tried by others and found to be no good.

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 Seems a very weird start i

Fri, 2018-12-07 05:43

 Seems a very weird start i have a spot that is cleaning up now but my other spots are getting nothing all spots the same hard up against the reef but in the sand. 


 rather be fishing