cray pot floats

hey guys just wondering how to mark your cray pot floats with your licence number any one no a good method . i was thinking with a soldering iron or somthing along those lines. any help would be appreciated. cheers

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certain glues work well

Wed, 2007-11-14 13:23

certain glues work well just write your id on the float and they melt in about a centermeter CHEERS SHAG


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Marking cray pot floats

Mon, 2017-09-11 15:32


What kind of glue mate?  

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we used a rope cutter

Wed, 2007-11-14 15:50

we used a rope cutter

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does it matter

Wed, 2007-11-14 17:49

some one else rude enough will pull em anyways . i used a small blow torch to do mine. must have been to good for soe as soon after they where pulled four days in a row and then dissappeared eventually.

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cheers guys

Wed, 2007-11-14 18:49

i went the industrail texta worked a treat. mike 79 doesn;t seem a happey camper, i know what you mean i lost mine last year from hillaries but ive decided to give mindarie a go this year hopefully a better crew the further north you go!

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Texta first with decent gaps

Mon, 2017-09-11 16:28

Texta first with decent gaps between the letters and numbers and then a soldering iron with the soldering part unscrewed and removed. Then paint in the melted gap.

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 Die grinder works a treat.

Mon, 2017-09-11 17:04

 Die grinder works a treat.


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Trimming router

Mon, 2017-09-11 20:11

 set at 4 - 5 mm deep does a great job . Look like you past through a blizzard by the end !


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 Hot knife rope cutter x 2

Mon, 2017-09-11 20:46

 Hot knife rope cutter x 2


 Marine trimmer NOR (available for clears, tops, carpet, upholstery, custom equipment covers)

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 My old man draws with a

Mon, 2017-09-11 21:09

 My old man draws with a marker then uses a 12mm drill bit to cut the letters out.

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soldering iron

Tue, 2017-09-12 09:54

 I use an electric soldering iron. Get it nice and hot and use it like a pencil to write your info on the float. too easy...

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Pot Marking

Wed, 2017-09-13 08:07

I use what looks like a short Gaff with no point heated up on a gas burner. The curved part makes any numeral with a radius, flip it 90 deg for any thing straight. Cuts the float like butter.

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 Soldering Iron has always

Wed, 2017-09-13 11:17

 Soldering Iron has always done the job for me



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soldering iron

Tue, 2017-10-03 06:51

I have always given mine a few licks of fluro paint, and then gone over with the soldering iron also. Got a old cheapy iron I use, as not to ruin a good one thou


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