cray pots

 pine or jarrah ??


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Wed, 2017-10-11 08:55

 No question in my view

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Wed, 2017-10-11 08:58

My preference - Pine with Jarrah frame. Redneck as opposed to finger neck.  Double bait basket. Heaps of weight and plenty of rope (dog bone any excess).

Good Luck!

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Any plastic tips

Wed, 2017-10-11 10:58

Im having a go this season and have been lent plastic cray pots. Any tips that are unique to plastic would be appreciated. Stainless straps for weight is one. Appreciate any ideas. 

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 Heaps of weight.  I always

Wed, 2017-10-11 11:49

 Heaps of weight.  I always stayed away from anything shiny, such as stainless steel. Make sure nothing rattles.

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Plastic Craypot Tips

Wed, 2017-10-11 12:26


(1) Use heavy grit sandpaper and scratch up all of the outside of the pot.

(2) Use "plenty" of weight at the briddle end, we use railway ballast weights with our plastic pots.


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 how heavy aprox are your

Wed, 2017-10-11 13:45

 how heavy aprox are your pots when loaded without the crays of cause , unless you want to  fill them up for us first 


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Wed, 2017-10-11 14:22

haha They come with 10kg Russ but we suggest 15kg in deeper water or higher swell/surge area's.


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 Why bother.. just so some

Wed, 2017-10-11 11:42

 Why bother.. just so some filthy little b*stards can steal your pots!! Had 3 knocked off last season.. 

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For sale?

Wed, 2017-10-11 11:45

 ANyone selling any old pots for 100 bucks or less? 

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 Double baiters a must imo I

Wed, 2017-10-11 11:52

 Double baiters a must imo I have a mix of pine and Jarrah. The jarrah are better imo as not as susceptable to the worms.


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Pine for the whites, jarra

Wed, 2017-10-11 12:24

Pine for the whites, jarra for the reds


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Wed, 2017-10-11 14:23

If going wooden, Jarrah frame with Pine slats like the commercial guys.


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A mate and I were running 2 x

Wed, 2017-10-11 15:49

A mate and I were running 2 x jarrah frame, pine slats, double bait basket, steel base with heaps of weight and plenty of rope that bought of a pro for top dollar

2 x full jarrah single bait baskets (home made) with plenty weight and rope aswel. All dropped in roughly same area and even swapped positioning with each other to test what worked best and full jarrah single bait baskets continually pulled more Crays. That was my experience. Will be running the same this year. Be interesting to see if we get same results

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I’m using collapsible pots

Wed, 2017-10-11 15:55

and they don’t need to soak ..... I caught plenty  last year .....

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I have some all jarrah/karri pots selling for $160 on gumtree

Wed, 2017-10-11 20:12

 if you are interested. located in Warnbro. Great catchers.

red neck or timber, one bait basket, 1 x 5kg ballast.

extra ballast for $10 each. 0401699825

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Jarrah frame

Wed, 2017-10-11 20:48

Pine slates . Main thing pine slat necks. Also double bait baskets

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something to think about imo

Wed, 2017-10-11 23:47

something to think about imo & experience

use plenty of weight in any pot you use the bridle end is best to stop them lifting and walking on every wave swell that constantly tugs at your gear on the surface

jarrah frame with pine battens is the best all rounder for most recs .. the jarrah frame will last better for worms and the pine is easy to repair or replace at sea if you need to ...jarrah battens even green tend to split unless there pre soaked , whearas pine is easy to saw, break and nail out on the water

use enough rope to keep the floats up on any swell , but run about 10 metres slack on the surface , no matter what depth you fish as a general rule of thumb , any more and tie it up shorter

from the brible rope up about 3-4 metres I recommend blokes put a small sinlge float tied into the main line ... make it about 30-50cm long , so it will run around your winch easy enough ...this little float will keep your main line directly vertical all the time ....lots of pots get lost , stuck , snagged around bombies just by the rope movement as the wind direction shifts or heavy weed /kelp wraps around it ...this little bit of a float will just about stop that dead most times ime as your main line will then run vertical for the first 4 metres then hang at the angle to the surface with your floats attached ..this leave a nice clear arc around the pot that your main line will swing on

if you build your own or buy any pots in all timber ....make sure they have a bolted skid base that your upright frames are all bolted to ...and full timber pot should have about 30 galv bolts in it 12 on the base and the upright frames and 4 on your ballast plates .and that's just the frame ... the frames is the key to the whole pot ...bolts on the base are essential , so suss that out carefully it is imo one of the key reasons you hear of blokes having pots go missing as over time they break up at the base , weights then fall out and away and the floats drag the rest of it away pretty quick in bad weather

there plenty of pots out there if buying check it out carefully no matter where you get them as there are lots of doossies around

check for galv nails on battens ..not screws screws tend to work loose in heavy weather ... the nails allow movement without coming loose ..similar to a house roof joists ,, they will flex a bit if needed

be sure to have no sharp edges on your holes which you tie your bridle rope through ... if you do again many pots are lost as the ropes chaff through here over time so keep a check on them every time you pull your pots and use good thick rope .. 11-13 mm is good

I'm not abig fan of double bait baskets in 3/4 pots ... they can be done ...but the second bait basket is then very close to the bridle end often crays can sit outside trying to feed at that end with their legs through the gaps rather than climbing up and into the pot as they would if they could not reach in ...if you use the small second bait basket it don't hold much bait again its abit of a wank factor imo ... one super deep basket should catch as good as two if its got god bait in it ...

try not to pot others out you are just sharing the crays ..if you can set on your own and see how you go , move em around if you don't go well ......if one pot catches well try not to stick all your pots near it ... use it as a control and move others onto similar ground in the area ...experiment a bit ..

if you have steel base pots weld the ballast in .if there timber galv bolt it in ... don't cable tie or anything lese as it will wear and come loose over time

the ocean is a harsh environment or buy your gear to match it on its worst days ...

wherever you set , think ahead and make sure you will be able to get to your gear in a day or so when you next come out ... the conditions change so plan ahead ...too often its becomes tricky to get to pots and blokes want to risk it thinking their going to get a mother load if they set in a hairy spot ... ime you get just as many crays without the extra risk and drama ......if its too rough stay home one else will be getting to them either and the crays will still be there when it calms off

you always pot better after a blow ..not during it ime .. that's especially true in the shallows

if you you do get a pot stuck ...try to see if you can what its stuck on before you tie it off and try to drag of off with a motor etc .. sometimes you can use a second short boat hook to grapple it and move it out backwards ... .when tying onto pots to pull them off allow enough slack if the swell rises to let you rise with it and attach the pot rope so it can be let go easy and quickly if you need to ,,same with the winch when hauling a pot ...let it go slack if needed .if it gets stuck or jammed up ....

just my opinion ... hope it use full to some



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"try not to pot others out

Thu, 2017-10-12 09:05

"try not to pot others out ....."


Easier said than done if your dropping pots out of Ocean Reef. You can almost walk along the floats all the way back to shore they're that thick.

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Thanks for that good info

Wed, 2017-10-11 23:53

All sounds like good advise to me and it is much appreciated I have never done really good at he crays usually getting 2-5 crays total which is ok for a feed with guests but never enough if I want to put some away in the freezer for lean times.

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far out hezzy

Thu, 2017-10-12 07:59

 i hope you didnt write all that using your mobile haha but thank you very much for the comments helps alot good luck!


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