Deep fryer oil

just wondering what oil people use in there deep fryer taking into account health / taste? I’m sure lard would be the best oil for taste but vegetable for health. I have been using vege oil but just not quite as good as fish n chips shops or how my old man use to cook for me as a kid (he used lard)  What do people recommend? I actually rarely deep fry fish but would like to know the best oil / Way to do it. Thanks guys

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 If you rarely deep fry it

Sat, 2017-11-11 20:23

 If you rarely deep fry it use lard. Taste good as well. I reckon the key is good, clean hot oil/lard. Make sure fish is at room temp



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grapeseed oil

Sat, 2017-11-11 21:36

pricey but doesnt leave the taste like vege and that


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All depends on what you

Sun, 2017-11-12 08:49

All depends on what you research, seems the old guard of low cholestrol is on the out and real fats are on the in.

Vegetable straight up is no good, deteriorates the rods in your eyes... Evil oil sold on cholestrol fear. Same same for canola, rice bran, etc etc.

Personally I use animal fat for my fish and meat, and peanut oil for my chips. Would use coconut oil for my chips except the price gets in the way.

I like the idea of more natural than highly processed, each to their own though, some people are still scared of cholesterol.

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 Rice Bran oil. Has a high

Sun, 2017-11-12 10:44

 Rice Bran oil. Has a high smoke point and a neutral taste


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 cannola oil goes well in a

Sun, 2017-11-12 15:14

 cannola oil goes well in a fryer. it is one of the healthier options and wont taint the taste of anything your cooking as some oils do. we havnt used anything but even when we had our cafe


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Sun, 2017-11-12 18:52

 thanks for the reply guys. I think il go with Faulkner and try canola oil before I give into lard. Really appreciate the replys from everyone

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Sun, 2017-11-12 19:08

 We use canola oil on all of our sites for deep frying.


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