dickheads on the road

 Well it beats the crap out of me why some idiots do what they do.

Tonight just after 8pm I went across the road with my 3yr old girl to see the nativity lights at a local church.

Walking back home crossed the street and this dickhead in a silver holden/ford hsv/fpv style sedan

comes screaming down the road. With my girl in my arms I turn around and even before I'm 2m from the curb

they are upon us.

Just before they are about 20m away he kills the lights and buzzes us then he turns his lights on

again when he's out of range for me to read his plates.


My blood has just started to simmer after friggin boiling.


I will be looking out for the prick and revenge will be silent!

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Its times like that when you

Sat, 2011-12-24 21:35

Its times like that when you wished you had a brick in your hand (not your baby).  I'm with you.


For him to be quick to turn off lights means to me that he is savvy about not being caught.