direction bank

 want to do our first trip out past the 3 mile and are looking at heading out to direction bank when the weather is good and trying to find some new ground any tips on direction bank and how long will it take to get out there and can you see shore etc any help is apprecatied cheers


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 I've only fished the South

Mon, 2017-06-19 13:09

 I've only fished the South end of Direction Bank West from Hillarys.  Start with what you can see on the charts.  There's heaps of ground, but I find most people fish the contours, making it hard to get anything decent from those areas.  The secret out there is to keep an eye out for ground that isn't on the charts - that's where you'll find fish.  It's about 16 miles out.  We take it easy and cruise around 18 - 22 knots, taking us around 50mins or so.  Interesting when you're out there because you can see the city buildings and the Rotto lighthouse.

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cheers mate

Mon, 2017-06-19 14:02

 the missus will be  happy that we can still see land hahah


Smooth Seas Never Made A Good Skipper!