Hillarys Dhus

Took my brother out today to hit some promising ground we sounded out in the 40s two weeks ago and there were fish down there but we couldn't even raise a bite. Tonnes of birds smashing so we chucked out the bird exciter and trolled a deep diver and a jelly baby and even went straight through a basketball size bustup and couldn't hook up. Tried a few more coral patches around the 40-43m mark and it was looking like another one of those days. 2.5 hours fishing without a decent bite.

It was 4:30 by this stage so we decided to head back to the 3 Mile in time for sunset and berley up for snapper but I made a quick detour via the spot in the 30s we caught some Sgt Bakers on our last trip and where the Mrs and I caught a tonne of undersized snapper and a nice Blackarse.

Drove over it and the screen lit up like Ben Cousins on a glass pipe so we set the drift and I was onto a decent fish only to lose it from a cut line. I think I was gilled raked.

Set up a second drift and I was on again and my bro was on too and I pulled up a dhu double header 46 and 52 and he pulled up a 58. We had our bag but with the dhus on the chew I threw caution to the wind and released both mine and chucked on a Lamble and went round again and after about 5 jigs I was on again and after a decent fight I raised a 71cm beauty.

Amazing how you can go from boiled lollies to choclates in the blink of an eye out there!


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Sat, 2017-06-17 21:06

Nice work snowman.


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Sat, 2017-06-17 21:22

 For as long as I've been diving, I've only ever seen Sgt Baker on good ground. Nice haul!

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Good day

Sun, 2017-06-18 06:30



all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Good work Jack

Sun, 2017-06-18 09:17

Great deck shot Getting a few marks in the GPS 

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 Nice work frosty 

Sun, 2017-06-18 12:16

 Nice work frosty 


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Good to see the dhus

Mon, 2017-06-19 19:45

 seems to be so many dhuies around at the moment or even this year. Great to see. I heard there was talk of lifting the limit to 3 per boat. I really hope they don't.