Does anyone on here collect seashells.....

 Seriously downsizing and have a small but nice collection that I am happy to gift if anyone is interested ......located in Canning Vale 

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sea shells

Sun, 2024-04-28 07:27

 Hi what types do you have very interested.

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Email address via pm please

Sun, 2024-04-28 19:40

 Have photos but you are welcome to them all ......Friendie, tiger, trocus, even the shell of a pencil urchin which are now extinct off our coast 

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Sorry... I cant resist...

Mon, 2024-04-29 09:57


My wife does, then walks the beaches selling them..."


She sells sea shells by the sea shore.....


OK...OK... I have already apologised.....

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sea shells

Fri, 2024-05-03 17:51

 I was fortunate to be able to obtain this collection. A wonderful collection from a lovely gentleman. Thanks i will treasure them.