Dunsborough whiting on lures


Heading to Dunsborough for a few days and thought I might have a crack at whiting on lures. We're staying on the western side of town and I'd prefer to wander around that area rather than jump in the car. Anyone know if they're hitting lures down there this time of year and any suggestions on areas to try?


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Might be a tad cool in water

Thu, 2019-10-24 14:09

Might be a tad cool in water temp yet but your only going to catch if you give it a go 


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 Caught a few there on the

Thu, 2019-10-24 14:55

 Caught a few there on the right day.  Go for a wade around the next bay down from the boat ramp (corner of Bayview Cres and Vincent St).  Weather looks mint for it on the weekend.

Skinny Pop, Sugapen, ZipBaits Zoea are all good ones to try.


Also I bring a long shank hook and a packet of Gulp sandworms for if they're not hitting surface lures.

Some flathead around there as well if you're stealthy.


This group is a good one to lurk around on if you're after some good tips:


Good luck. 



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I usually go this time of

Thu, 2019-10-24 16:13

I usually go this time of year early Oct and found that the water was too cold for surface lures and hard work all round on the flats but try an Ecogear SX40 on the flats out front of the Whaler’s Cove Villa near the moorings/weed and you might entice one or land a flounder or herring as bycatch. Also try around the little stream that run out into Eagle Bay just south of the Fire Station and there’s good flattie ground around there if you work a small metal vibe.

I've done better chucking out some lures from the rocks next to the boat ramp and landed anything from flatties to flounder to some nice bull herring.


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 Thansk for the tips fellas.

Thu, 2019-10-24 17:03

 Thansk for the tips fellas. I'm staying right near where you mentioned Nebbian so that sounds encouraging. Basically I'll mooch around the area trying a few different lures both topwater and sub-surface to see what's there. And yes I always have some Gulp worms as a fall-back!


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Got out and had a wander

Mon, 2019-10-28 10:53

Got out and had a wander around that bay Nebbian mentioned. Water was pretty chilly for that location. Caught a few herring and had follows from whiting but no swipes at the lures. Tried surface, sub-surface and vibes but not interested in striking. Using fluorocarbon leader so it was either my lack of technique or just not warm enough yet.

Had fun anyway so thanks for the tips! 


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 Good to hear that you had a

Mon, 2019-10-28 11:09

 Good to hear that you had a go Dave, I logged in to check your post.  If I didn't have the kids this weekend I would have joined you.  Surprised it wasn't warm yet, Sunday was a scorcher!  

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 Thanks mate. Yeah the water

Mon, 2019-10-28 13:08

 Thanks mate. Yeah the water there is normally a bit like a bath but was chilly in spots yesteerady. I know because I ended up wading into a spot that was well above waist (balls) depth